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do i load the cheat before or after the game is launched?

for most cheats u are gonna load the program before the game, if u load it after u are risking a ban or blue screen. for any questions regarding this please make a ticket in the discord server

what if i need help using a product or have a issue with the product

if you need any help you can contact me on telegram, i am on most of the day and will be able to assist you with the issue

how do i know if the product is working?

simply just join the discord server on the top of the home page and there will be a status for every single cheat there

How do i know these cheats arent gonna get me banned?

you can see out status in the discord server, always updated. if the product is ud, there is still a chance u can get banned i suggest if you wanna keep your account i recommend legit cheating and avoid using risky features if u have questions on how to be safe make a ticket in the discord server

how come my payment isnt auto detecting?

there is a small issue with paypal payments right now, cashapp and crypto work just fine for auto delivery, if u face this problem please make a ticket in the discord and we will help you with this issue

how long has the product been undetected for?

all out different products we sell have been undetected for different timeframes, if u are wondering how long exactly, please make a ticket in the discord server

are there any discount codes or giveaways going right now?

to answer this question, please check the discord server we run frequent giveaways and sales from time to time. we dont always run a sale or giveaway so just keep your eyes peeled, we will ping you if a giveaway or sale starts

is the cheat not working properly or something is wrong or you have a question?

please make a ticket in the discord server and we will do out best to respond fast and help you!

can i refer my friends here?

yes you can! infact we encourage it, and there is a little reward for doing so. please read the referral system channel to get more info on this!

how do i load the cheat once i bought it?

once u have paid there will be a loader and steps you will need to follow, if u dont follow them 100% you are risking a ban. so if u are captious and wanna be sure ur loading the program 100% correct please make a ticket and we will assist you with the setup process.

im looking to resell a product listed here

good to hear! first make a ticket or dm me on telegram and we can get right on it and discussing prices

how do i know if i am hwid banned on a game?

it is very easy actually and pretty simple to find out. first you must have a "dummy account" and this is a second or alt account which you dont care about. then u must login and play without any cheats or programs running and if u get banned within 1-3 hours u are hwid banned, to learn how to bypass a hwid ban please make a ticket in the discord server, to prevent getting a hwid ban when cheating we recommend using one of our amazing hwid spoofers offered on the product page

how do i prevent a game ban or a manual ban on a game?

the easiest way to do this is playing "legit" and how you do this is. first you must keep it to a minimum on the features ur using, for example on rust admins will ban you many ways, either by watching your movements or spectating you and seeing if u look at players through walls, easiest way to hide from a admin is play like u arent cheating or play like how you would normally play, but obviously u know where players are, to avoid stat/cerb bans on games, you first have to have a decent amount of hours on your account and some legit playing time, if u dont and ur account is a fresh account, it is recommended to not use aimbot or features that make ur aim better

How do i pay cashapp on the website?

simply by clicking the debit/credit card option it will them bring you to stripe then u select cashapp if it doesnt appear for you try using a different browser or clear cookies and cache and make sure on latest browser update

what happens if a cheat goes down in updating or detected status while i have a sub?

if a cheat goes down we will compensate all users whenever the update is finished


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